Upcoming Events!

A new Quiet is the New Loud! is coming up. On the 20th of February Astronaut and Kinsmit are performing in the public library of Wageningen.

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Also another InDiePub is close, this time at Vreemde Streken. We invite Alison Marble and Whatimeant to the stage the 7th of February!

Alison Marble

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Busy week for popcultuur. Tonight QITNL! and Friday InDiePub!


We hope you are just as excited as we are for tonights edition of Quiet is the New Loud! To get you even more excited, watch this aftermovie of Jessy Yasmeens performance in Paradiso, Amsterdam!  Jessy Yasmeen is a singer-songwriter with Dutch and South-American roots. Her first single was released in 2017 and her first EP will be released in 2019. So stay tuned! Jessy describes her music as dreamy indie-folk.


The Wanderer, consisting of three people, is the second act of the evening tonight. Hereby one of there songs to give you a taste of their music!


For all the Newbies: it’s in De bblthk, where we’ll open the doors at 20:30 and start the show at 21:00. Be on time to make sure you have the best spot to enjoy the performance! There is a Pay What You Want Box. If you don’t have cash with you, don’t worry: we have a QR code redirecting to a Tikkie.




As the date for the next edition of InDiePub is approaching, we felt like it’s time for you to meet Dr. Brown, right here, right now:
You can of course also come meet Sarah Jurassica Parker & “Dr. Brown” live on the 7th, we hope to see you there!

The Hazzah will also be on stage the 7th of december, but give yourself a little headstart and check out one of The Hazzah’s songs here:


See you on Friday music  lovers!!!