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Popcultuur Wageningen provides a stage for young, talented artists that perform their own work.

Our events

Quiet is the New Loud!

One of our monthly event is ‘Quiet is the New Loud!’. As the name suggests, this is meant for more quiet concerts. It takes place at the public library of Wageningen (BBLTHK), the relaxed atmosphere of the library provides an ideal place for the somewhat more subtle music.This event has been around since 2011 and is therefore quite established and always crowded. Moreover, there is always complete silence and attention to the music, which makes it a very unique atmosphere for both audience and artists.

So, come to visit de bblthk to enjoy the best acoustic sing-songwriters and bands of the Netherlands. Check our socials for upcoming editions of ‘Quiet is the New Loud’!


InDiePub is an initiative of Stichting Popcultuur Wageningen that tries to promote the varied offer of bars, pubs, restaurants and other meeting places in Wageningen by inviting artists to their stages. With this, Popcultuur thrives to stimulate the liveliness and cultural atmosphere of Wageningen city center.

Indie music was created by musicians who experimented a lot and started performing independently (That’s why it’s called indie). Nowadays music festivals are full of indie bands and it has become very popular genre.

InDiePub is a monthly recurring event with 2 indie acts every edition, every time at a different location in the city center of Wageningen.

Check the agenda for an upcoming ‘InDiePub’!

Popronde Wageningen

Popronde is the biggest traveling nationwide festival that takes place every autumn in the period from September to November in about 40 cities throughout the country. In 2018 Popronde will descend in 41 cities; Among which Wageningen!

Popcultuur Wageningen provides help to Popronde in ways of coordination. Coordinators are responsible for arranging hosting locations like bars, restaurants, galleries, libraries or stores where musicians can perform. Next to that the coordinators are responsible for the selection of bands and the communication between artist and hosting location regarding agreements about the sound system and the stage plans of the performing artists.
On the day of the festival itself the other volunteers of Popcultuur Wageningen help as stagehands, provide information to the visitors and hand out the program booklets.

Sena Performers Stage

Stichting Popcultuur Wageningen takes part in programming the best acts for the annual Dutch Liberation Festival on 5 May.  Popcultuur Wageningen programmes the most promising independent live acts on Sena Performers Stage.  The Sena stage is located close to the main stage so our audience gets the ‘best of both worlds!’
On the 5th of May Popcultuur Wageningen hosts the SENA talent stage at the Liberation Festival. SENA is the rights organization for artists and producers, and offers a platform for regional, up-and-coming music talent. Popcultuur Wageningen programmes the Sena Performers Stage in Wageningen with alternative pop and rock bands. With Popcultuur Wageningen we believe these bands are promising and have a bright future ahead of them!


Two cities, one showcase. Ontspoort! is a yearly event that we organize with our friends over at Astrant in Ede.

Ontspoort! is looking for the best local acts that want to show their skills. Every band, producer, rap artist, and acoustic act gets 20 minutes to present themselves on one of Astrant’s stages.

Since 2023 Ontspoort! also features the Musician’s Day. At this event, musicians from Wageningen and Ede can network with professionals, join panels, and follow workshops.

Ontspoort! is free for all acts and artists, who can sign up via the website of Astrant Ede.

Our Friends

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Want to play at one of our events, or do you want to collaborate with us? We are always open for:

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Send us an email at popcultuur.wageningen (@) gmail.com and we’ll be in touch.